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Main Reasons

Minimizing harm to farm animals

Each day millions of chickens, pigs and cows are killed to be used in conventional pet foods.

For many pet guardians this is a big concern as they don't want to harm farm animals and they are reluctant to buy meat-based pet food for their cats and dogs.

This obviously presents a dilemma since cats/dogs exhibit carnivorous traits in nature, and pet guardians do not want to harm farm animals while also being responsible pet parents.

Fortunately, a properly balanced plant-based diet provides a solution, where pets are healthy and farm animals are not harmed.

Solution to allergies

Dairy, beef, chicken and eggs are a common cause of allergic reations in cats and dogs.

Vegan pet food is used to alleviate allergies because it doesn't contain any of these common allergens.

Health benefits for cats & dogs

Plant ingredients are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Compounds found in plants counteract damaging process, help to prevent diseases and increase longevity.

While meat is a product of slaughtering, filled with toxic chemicals, waste and cancerous tissue, plant ingredients cleanse the system and reduce toxic load on your animal’s body.

Pets on a vegan diet are less prone to cancer and hypothyroidism, have lower risk for articular gout, and their eliminations and excrements smell less.

Great alternative to raw diets

Raw meat diets are not only cruel, but are also associated with multiple nutritional deficiencies (low vitamins A and E, low calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and zinc), as well as high cholesterol and hyperthyroidism in dogs and pansteatitis in cats.

Bacterial contamination with salmonella, e-coli and listeria is also a big concern with these diets, posing a risk to other members of the household. When animals are taken off raw meat diets, many of these conditions resolve on their own.

Transitioning from raw to plant-based is a smooth process in vast majority of cases, as long as it’s done gradually and properly. We have extensive experience with these cases and have helped many companion animals to become successful vegans!


Reducing impact on the planet

The production of a plant-based diet consumes much less water than that of a meat-based diet.

Going vegan reduces deforestation, soil degradation, greenhouse effect, and to slow down the climate change.

Nutrients – Not Ingredients – is what really Matters

Dr. Andrew Knight

so vegan pet food saves farm animals and planet, but what are the benefits for cats & dogs?

Health benefits of plant-based diets 🐈

Increased longevity

Recent longevity studies found that vegan cats live as long (or longer) than cats on a meat-based diet.

Reduced risk of Cancer

Dogs have much higher rates of cancer than do people, including 35 times more skin cancer, 4 times more breast tumors and 8 times more bone cancer.

This alarming trend has been linked to feeding pets slaughterhouse wastes, including moldy, rancid or spoiled meats, as well as tissues too riddled with cancer to be eaten by people.

Switching to plant-based food will reduce the toxic load on your companion animal’s system and provide them with the necessary nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that help prevent this disease.

[CITATION] Polluted Pets: High Levels of Toxic Industrial Chemicals Contaminate Cats And Dogs (2008):

Allergy & itch relief

Animal protein is a common source of allergies in pets that leads to such symptoms as dermatitis, redness and itchiness of skin, recurring ear infections and difficulty breathing, indigestion.

Meanwhile, plant-based proteins are easy on digestive system and are often used to alleviate symptoms in allergic animals.

Many of our customers confirm that switching to a vegan diet has helped their furry friends to get relief from the allergy.

Healthy heart

Taurine-enriched vegan pet food supports heart health, aids in preventing DCM, and promotes premium nutrition.

Softer & shinier coat

Vegan diets are rich in Vitamin E and have higher nutrient absorbtion level, which make fur of cats and dogs shiny and beautiful.

Improved digestion

Vegan pet food is easily digestible and deprived of inflammatory ingredients. It is rich in dietary fiber to aid in digestion and bowel movement.

Higher energy levels

Nutritionally complete vegan pet food includes all nutrients your cat/dog needs to be happy, healthy and active. Plant-based dogs and cats tend to have more energy and ultimately a better overall health and quality of life.

For pets with high-energy levels, plant-based food will only benefit in the long run by helping them to maintain their physical condition.

Improved mobility and reduced joint pain

Even senior dogs can win from transitioning to a vegan diet. It is particularly great for their overall mobility and quality of life. Since plant-based pet food is naturally anti-inflammatory, easy to digest, and less straining on animal's system, it can counters joint-pain, arthritis, and other issue age brings.

Healthy teeth & gums

Complete and balanced vegan pet food is an excellent source of the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for oral health. It contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and C to help keep teeth strong and resistant to decay.

"Protein that is sourced from animal meats like chicken, beef and pork are common culprits of food allergies in dogs. Feeding your dog with vegetable-based proteins may help provide them relief from skin allergies and other sensitives."

Dr. Jean-Paul Ly

Studies support

There are 20+ studies suggesting that vegan diets work equally well (or better) as the meat-based countersparts.

Vets approve

Veterinarians knolewdgeable in vegan pet nutrition say that balanced and complete diets for cats and dogs are legitimate alternatives to meat-based diets.

Pets thrive

Hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs around the globe have succussfully transitioned to a plant-based diet and they thrive!


    My 2 cats absolutely love this food! They race too the kitchen as soon as they hear the bag opening. Their litter smells better, their coats have improved and their weight has stabilized.

    Ami Cat 
  • JANE A.

    Both cats beg for this food - I had to put it into an airtight container and they knock over the container and try and open it, they love it so much. And my male cat does not need the yeast topper anymore. It's sensational!

    Benevo Cat 

    "One full year into using the Vegedog supplement in the recipes and they are thriving. My 9-year-old boy was very overweight and is now slim and trim, shiny and happy. My 10-year-old girl's digestive issues are a thing of the past and the 1-year-old Frenchie is the bundle of energy he should be.

    VegeDog Supplement 

    "Since switching her to a plant-based diet she stopped pulling her fur, her dandruff decreased, her itchiness decreased and her breathing has cleared up. I wish I had made this move sooner as I had suspected for a long time that food was the root of the issue.

    Ami Cat 
  • KATE S.

    My 9-1/2 year old German Shepherd no longer itches incessantly. His bad breath is gone and his coat has gotten so soft and fluffy. All this in only about 5 weeks of using Vegedog and one of their recipes to make his food at home. We didn't expect such dramatic results in such a short time, but we are extremely happy to see it.

    VegeDog Supplement 
  • AMBRE R.

    My cat loves and thrives on this food and are happy, healthy and well-loved. Nice to know there are no hormones, antibiotics, or filthy scraps from the slaughterhouse in this food too!

    Benevo Cat 

    I love VegeYeast I order for homemade dog food. It helps make the dog’s urine more acidic helping prevent kidney stones from being formed. I’ve been using VegeYeast for years and my dogs are super healthy on their vegan diet.

    VegeYeast for Cats and Dogs 
  • IWONA B.

    I’ve been feeding my cat Ami cat since he was a little kitten and his results from the veterinarian are excellent. I highly recommend Ami Cat if you love your pets and want them to stay healthy and in the best shape!

    Ami Cat 
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