Custom Product - 1 Evo red and 1 Evo blue

Custom Product - 1 Evo red and 1 Evo blue

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Use this template to create CUSTOM products.

Only 1 custom product allowed per 1 order. Custom product, however, can contain several items (1 Extra Life can and 1 Yellow Ami can, for example)

To use this template, update 5 fields (described below), click Save, and then use this custom product in a Draft Order. For each new draft order re-customize this template.

  1. Title: "Custom Product - [ product name(s) go here ]" - this field is what our packing team will see in Shipstation so make it clear, but concise; so you would put Custom Product - 1 Green Ami can and 1 Yellow Ami can
  2. SKU: pick ONE of the available choices (options 1-10 below) - do NOT create your own SKU's (this will created a mismatch in Quickbooks and Shipstation); how to pick the right SKU option? 01-05 represents the PRICE of custom product, cm01-05 means the price is between $1 to $5. If you are creating a custom product for 1 Extra Life can then you calculate $61.50/12 cans, so each can is $5.13 + $59.85/12 for Ami Yellow, so total price is $5.13+4.99=$10.12, so you pick SKU=cm06-10 (if your total price is in between choices - for example $10.12 is between option 2 and 3, then pick the closest option:
    1. cm01-05
    2. cm06-10
    3. cm11-15
    4. cm16-20
    5. cm21-30
    6. cm31-50
    7. cm51-99
  3. Weight: indicate approximate weight of the custom products (2 cans ~800 gr)
  4. Price: Price to the customer (for 1 Extra can and 1 Yellow = $10.12)
  5. Cost Per Item: use 50% of price, (for 2 can-example $5.06)


Guaranteed Analysis

Feeding Amounts

Energy Density

Transition Tips

Gradual transition is the key to a successful transition.

Start by mixing 1 part of new food and 4 parts of old food.

During the next 2 weeks, gradually increase the amount of new food to 100%.

Older pets and picky eaters may need longer time and extra care to completely switch.

Digestive Enzymes can be used to harden up stool during transition.

Nutritional Yeast has a cheesy flavour, which cats and dogs love.

More transition tips on this page.


Provide ample water to cats and dogs, and especially male cats due to their urinary anatomy.

Water aids with digestion and helps to avoid urinary issues. Water flushes out pathogens, heavy metals, and harmful drugs. 

Soak dry kibble in water to make moist food with 1:1 ratio (1 part kibble to 1 part water), and wait for at least 30 min before serving.

Use distilled water whenever possible.

Incorporate wet canned food for better hydration. Mix wet food with dry kibble to increase moisture level.

Use an electric water fountain to entice pets to drink more water.

Care Instructions

Store in a dark, cool place, tightly sealed.

For canned food: after opening, remove remaining leftovers and put into an airtight container for up to 3 days, keep it in the fridge. It can also be portioned out and frozen for later use or served as a frosty treat!

Brush your furry friends' teeth regularly.

Offer dental treats after moist food or add several dry kibbles to help scrape off the plague.

Monitor pH of your pet's urine - more info on this page.

Play with your pets daily to keep them active, healthy and happy 🧸

Subscription Info

Most products on now offer a subscription option!

You can subscribe to receive your products regularly and save 5%

See more details about subscriptions here.

Shipping & Returns

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