Saving Tips

Vegan pet food can get expensive as we don't have the economies of scale that the big brand manufacturers have. But there are ways to substantially lower the cost and this page talks about the product savings, the shipping savings and also provides some tips on how to have a stress-free shopping experience for vegan pet foods.

Maximize Savings with These Tips!

Set up a Subscription & Save 5%

You can set up a subscription for your pet's favourite food and receive 5% off on each order according to schedule you select.

Pause, Skip or Cancel any time.

Take advantage of our Promotions

Explore our promotion page to browse our current deals. Products can be listed up to 50% off!

Additionally, we occasionally provide bags with minor imperfections at a 5% discount (if such bags are available, you'll find a notification on the product page).


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Start with our Samples Packs

Looking to introduce more variety into your furry friend's diet? Interested in embarking on a plant-based journey for your dog or cat? Discover the benefits of our Sample Packs! These specially priced packs allow your dog or cat to explore a range of products without the commitment of purchasing a larger bag.

    Shipping Savings

    Buy in Bulk & Save

    To make the most of your shipping expense, aim for a shipment that is 20kg to 25kg. That’s the most economical shipping size per kg. If your order exceeds 25kg, consider selecting 50kg of products, and we'll send you two parcels, each containing 25kg, thus maximizing the value of shipping per kg.

    Do you live in a remote area and shipping is expensive? Please contact us at and we'll offer a solution!

    Plan Ahead

    Visit MONTHLY USAGE page to find out how much kibble your dog and cat will require per month. This information will help you plan your orders and never run out of food.

    Product Savings

    Save up to 30% on dry kibbles by adding water

    Evolution Diet brand offers the 'condensed' formulas meaning nutrients are densely packed in the small kibbles (such as Gourmet Fondue). To release the full nutritional value of kibbles, we recommend adding water so that it's easier to digest and absorb the nutrients. When you add water you don't have to give as much food as when you feed dry. For example, if you normally give 1 cup of dry kibble per meal, then when you feed moist kibble you can give 2/3 of a cup, so you are saving 1/3 of a cup per feeding.

    Adding water makes the kibble expand in size and become more filling, and your companion is satiated on less food. Plus you are saving 25%-33% of food per meal. But not only will you be saving some money, you will also be providing much better hydration and nutrient absorption to your companion animal.

    After giving the moistened kibble for a week, observe the weight of your cat or dog - is it going up? Is the weight going down? Adjust the amount of kibble to maintain healthy weight.

    Not all pets like moistened kibble. If that's your case then entice them by adding things they like - nutritional yeast, a little bit of vegetable oil, cranberry treats etc. 


    Note about teeth: after feeding with moist food be sure to give a few dry kibbles to help scrape off the moist food from teeth. Or you can use dental treats to keep their teeth healthy. We also recommend brushing teeth.

    You can add water to Ami brand for improved hydration as well, but the food savings are only about 10-15% as the formula is not as dense as Evolution Diet's.

    Save up to 25% on vegan food by adding Digestive Enzymes

    Digestive Enzymes, such as Enzyme Miracleincreases the absorption of nutrients and can decrease the food requirement by up to 25%.

    Make Food at Home

    Making your own vegan pet food at home can be the most economical way to feed your animal companions. The expense of shipping a package of supplements is much less in comparison to that of a ready-made kibble bag. 

     Nonetheless, it's important to acknowledge that preparing your pet's food requires an investment of time. We've created a page that compares homemade diets with commercial pre-cooked foods. See this page for more details.

    Note: supplementation for home-made foods is mandatory, otherwise home-made food will be nutrient-deficient.