Rally Against Kangaroo Leather in Adidas 🦘

Rally Against Kangaroo Leather in Adidas 🦘

Last week, activists from Not Your Skin, DXE and Animal Save Movement organized a rally to stop the use kangaroo leather.

Millions of kangaroos are slaughtered each year for their skin. Activists used a multi-facet campaign, spanning social media, phone lines, a formal protest at the Adidas’ head office, and direct action disruptions at Adidas stores, with the goal to make customers aware of cruel practices, and urging Adidas to stop using Kangaroo leather or risk losing support from conscientious consumers.

This initiative seeks to shed light on the cruelty behind the fashion industry and to prompt positive change in the treatment of animals.

Leather isn't just reserved for fashion-forward footwear;
Animal skin in general is also used in making cruel dog treats.

While this campaign garnered widespread support, it's essential to confront the broader reality: not only the skin of animals is used for making shoes, but also skin of animals is used for making dog treats; For example, pig rawhide is used for making treats for dogs. The animal agriculture/slaughter industry uses skin from pigs to increase profitability through ‘rawhide’ and other parts of animals.

Rawhide dog treats use toxic ingredients in preparation and present a choking hazard. Furthermore, rawhide chews contain trace amounts of toxic chemicals, and Salmonella or E. coli contamination is possible.

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